An attempt to blog regularly about movies!

I recently took the plunge and signed up to my local cinema’s Unlimited subscription – meaning that for £15 a month, I can watch as many films as I damn well please (or go and see the same film multiple times) for a year.

I probably should have taken this option up when I moved to my flat a year ago, what with the cinema being, as a colleague at work joked, a “zipline trip” away from me!

In light of remembering I actually have a blog; that I love films; and that I probably need to write more outside of work – I’m going to review or discuss my experience of every film I see while I have this subscription, as it’ll tick all my boxes and allow me to go back to what I used to enjoy doing: writing about and reviewing films. I got put off by meeting a film critic for a local newspaper, who instantly told me that he didn’t care that much about films and that to succeed in journalism you have no choice but to write about what people tell you to write about.

I’ll try and use this blog and the freedom of the subscription to the cinema to try and write about what I enjoy instead of just always writing about something someone else wants me to write about!

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