Lockdown movie lowdown

It’s been a while since I’ve published anything, for very obvious, viral pandemic reasons. Unless you’ve been in a coma or sailing the ocean without communications (this genuinely happened), I don’t need to say anything except:

  1. it’s shit, relentlessly
  2. we’re all going through it and increased alcohol consumption is mandatory

In essence, it’s a stressful, disturbing and bizarre time none of us will forget for the rest of our lives.


With that out of the way, cinemas are likely to be the last places to reopen normally (I can  see two or three seat gaps as the way forward until the holy grail of a vaccine), so this blog was and shall remain largely redundant as per its original purpose.

But I’ve not stopped watching films or TV – streaming services have become, for many of us, the go-to thing to occupy our empty evenings and dreary days when the British weather inevitably lets us down. And while their stocks of TV last, the standard channels are also providing some great new content that’s not to be sniffed at.

This is probably the safest amount of people in a cinema at the moment…

So I thought, why not blog about what I’ve seen at home? You’ve probably got one or more streaming services – the only businesses bar supermarkets, Amazon and alcohol manufacturers that’ll come out of this with cash to burn.

I thought about outlining which of my favourite films of the last few years can be found on them – sadly, due to the way services buy and sell rights, many have disappeared despite having been on them as recently as last week. As a result, a daunting task became quite easy when I realised it would be a massive waste of time (though I may return to it at some point, depending on whether I get bored/furloughed/made redundant/our British “summer” is a total washout).

If you were interested in watching a film having read one of my reviews, then first of all THANK YOU!, and secondly do try to find it on the service of your choice – otherwise, feel free to search this blog for any film you’re interested in on one of the services, to see if I’ve reviewed it.

I’ll aim to blog more often in one way or another – whether by doing focuses on TV shows or films, I think it’s good for my sanity to do it, and if I can help anyone else with what to watch during these strange times, then I’ve succeeded in some way!

Here are three smaller posts to start things off:

  1. Lockdown streaming (Amazon Prime)

  2. Lockdown streaming (Disney+)

  3. Lockdown streaming (Netflix)

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