Review: Smile

Just in time for Halloween (and a while after I saw it), Smile is a weird, grim and atmospheric horror that feels quite interestingly bizarre and gruesome, though it squanders its potential with a less-than-satisfying end. Psychiatrist Rose (Sosie Bacon) works on a ward helping particularly unwell patients with mental health issues, but one day […]

Review: See How They Run

Murder mysteries are definitely in vogue in the world of cinema – having seen a modern spin on the genre recently with Bodies Bodies Bodies, I’ve now gone the other way, with a period-set throwback and love letter to Agatha Christie in See How They Run. A very funny, witty and meta addition to the […]

Review: Fall

The high-concept action-thriller has plenty of prestige (Jaws, Speed – take your pick of films focused in one location or focused on one event or action), but for every excellent classic there are plenty of absolute duffers or films that just missed their potential. Fall is a perfect blend of the latter two categories – […]

Review: Bodies Bodies Bodies

The recent trend for whodunnits has brought some great (Knives Out) and some middling (Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot double-bill of Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile) returns. However, taking a far more modern and very satirical approach, Bodies Bodies Bodies brings a funny and grotesque (but not in the way you might […]

Review: Nope

When you’ve made two novel, distinctive and memorable horrors like Jordan Peele has with Get Out and Us, your next film is always going to be really intriguing to those who enjoyed your first two. Third time around as writer and director, Peele continues on his path of sci-fi inflected horror with Nope, a film […]