Review: Reminiscence

There’s often a lot of talk among film fans that “they don’t make ’em like they used to”, and while they don’t actually speak like 1950s English blokes down the pub, the sentiment is quite strongly held when it comes to the types of films made. You’ll no doubt have heard at least one person […]

Review: The Suicide Squad

As soon as James Gunn – writer and director of Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – was hired as writer and director of the reboot AND sequel to Suicide Squad, part of me was thinking “oh he’s absolutely going to smash this”, but another part of me was thinking […]

Review: Black Widow

Even a cursory search of this blog will bring up many, many Marvel Cinematic Universe reviews. I’ve seen every film since Iron Man in 2008 (13 years ago, WHAT), and the time between Spider-Man: Far From Home and Black Widow was the longest anyone’s waited to watch a new instalment. Yes, we’ve had the shows […]

Review: A Quiet Place Part II

I totally appreciate that a lot of people will have felt stressed and tense enough since, ooo, March 2020 (I can’t imagine why…) to not be keen on watching a very tense film (also set in a world where people are living apart from one another during a global crisis…) when they return to the […]

Review: Nobody

After finally getting back to the cinema a month ago, I managed to surpass last year’s double helping of Tenet by getting to see an Unlimited screening for the first time in over a year (aka the screenings of films not yet on general release for Unlimited members) and A Quiet Place Part II in […]

2020, cinema and 2021…

So we’ve made it everyone – it’s nearly 2021, and this hellscape of a year is behind us. At this point, the more realistic among us know that 2021 is likely to continue to be weird, odd and not really what we want it to be, but there is now tangible hope for a return […]

Farewell cinemas (for now?)

After my last post, I was optimistic (cautiously, anyway) that despite the huge impact of COVID-19 and lockdown on cinemas, venues were doing what they could to make the experience safe, and I hoped  upcoming new releases would bring people back. As someone who loves going to the cinema, only being able to go twice […]

Review: Tenet (and returning to the cinema)

It’s been ages since I published anything, even though I posted weekly for six weeks with the #30DayFilmChallenge – yet another sign of how quickly this mad year has gone. But with UK cinemas reopening, lockdown easing and Cineworld bringing in stringent restrictions (it sounds as if I had a good experience booking in Witney, […]

#30DayFilmChallenge – Week Six

Cineworld’s campaign on social media is the perfect fit for my blog, so I decided to do a post a week for six weeks, combining brief answers with more comprehensive rambles. It’s interesting to ask yourself these questions and try to think of anecdotes, because it’s those experiences that truly resonate – and why we […]